Final Report

The TeamHub Final Report is the final output of the project. The Sum Up phase of the project collected results of the previous activities in this Final Report and conclusions, complemented by Policy Recommendations for national and EU policymakers and trade unions, to improve working conditions as well as economic, social, and environmental sustainability in the e-commerce and logistics sector. 

The Report is available in all project’s languages.

Background Report

The TeamHub Background Report is the final output of the Study phase, meant to build a solid problem definition for the project. Providing a comparative analysis of the nine TeamHub Country Fiches, the Background Report illustrates key trends and ongoing dynamics in the e-commerce supply chain in Europe, focusing on business organisation and working conditions, in order to outline issues deserving major attention by policy makers and unions at national and EU level. The report consists of: an introductory and methodological chapter, setting objectives and definitions of the analysis; a comparative chapter, divided into five sections reflecting the structure of the Country Fiches; a concluding chapter, where research questions were answered and forecasts were formulated in the light of the comparative analysis.

Country fiches

The nine Country Fiches are short documents offering country-level analysis of the e-commerce and logistics national panorama in Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, and Spain. The research was realised by national experts appointed by the project partners. Country Fiches’ goal is to identify and assess information and data about trends and features in the e-commerce supply chain, with a particular focus on key market players and dominant business models, working and employment conditions, social partners activities, and the geography of the supply chains in the covered countries. The Country Fiches are aimed at feeding an EU-level comparative analysis to be included in the Background Report, which closes the ‘Study’ Phase of the Team Hub project.

Download the Team Hub Country Fiches here!

Case Study Report

The Team Hub Case Study Report is the final output of the ‘Focus’ phase of the project. The Report, based on empirical qualitative research conducted at national level by project partners, consists of a collection of 27 case studies organised by country. For each country, three case studies were conducted, illustrating key features of selected business models, trade unions’ practices and achievements and collective bargaining examples in the e-commerce and logistics sector.

National Case Study Reports (Translations)

The national case studies published in the TeamHub Case Study Report in English are available here in the national languages of the respective country.