Team Hub! Project is ready to start!

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The Kick-Off Meeting of the EU-funded Team Hub! Project took place in Rome, at FILT-CGIL premises, on Wednesday 5th of October 2022. Project partners met in-person to discuss the administrative, dissemination and research aspects of the project and they defined a work plan that will allow activities to be closed by July 2024. The meeting was opened by the speeches of Salvatore Marra, CGIL international office, and Stefano Malorgio, FILT-CGIL general secretary, who expressed strong interest and support for the upcoming initiatives. Set up to address the characteristics and challenges of work in the e-commerce and logistics supply chain, the project aims at analysing the e-commerce implications on workers in nine EU Member States, particularly after the boom due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to provide trade unions with information and knowledge to redesign business and work organisation models in view of social and environmental sustainability.

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